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Smartphones have opened a new era of amazing software. Sometimes these apps are so appealing and marvelous that we wish to have them on our PC. MX player is definitely one of them! Well, the wish can be fulfilled if you have a proper and detailed idea of how to download MX Player for PC. Read the instructions below to get the simplest and straightforward way to get MX player exe for PC free download.

What Is MX Player for PC

MX player is a powerful video player developed for Android and iOS primarily. MX Player for PC is simply referring to a version of MX player that is capable of running on PC (.exe files for windows) along with all its features. Since there is no official launch of the MX player for PC, all available PC versions are modified by third-party developers.

Features of MX Player for PC

MX Player for PC has many amusing features. Here are some of the best ones-

Kids Lock

You can lock all the functionalities of the MX player to prevent clicks from kids or sudden swipe from you.

Environment Customization

You can customize lots of settings likes brightness level, auto-hide borders, navigations, etc. to experience the best video watching environment.

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Lots of file format support

MX supports almost all kinds of video files including Blu-ray, amv, and more.

Easy Zoom in & Out

Let you zoom in or out effortlessly so you can inspect everything with more detail.

Subtitle support & customization

Support most formats of subtitles and you can move subtitle position anywhere you want. Swipe left or right to go to the previous or next subtitle text.

How to Download and Install MX Player Windows and Laptop?

It’s impossible to get MX Player on your PC directly from the software because there is no official software available for PC. So, the only possible way to get it is by using the emulator.

There are different types of emulators available such as BlueStack, Nox App Player, game loop, etc. I am going to show you the method of Mx download for PC using Bluestack.

How to Download and Install MX Player Using Bluestacks

Get the process of Mx Player for windows

Step 1: Download BlueStack

First, you have to get BlueStack on your PC. Fortunately, downloading BlueStack is very easy as you will find them directly on their official website.

Just visit and select your windows version. It will begin to download as soon as you click it

NB: The macOS users will click the apple icon.

Bluestacks Download
Bluestacks Download

Step 2: Permit to Download

For security purposes, your browser may not let it download directly. You may be asked to save as well as selecting any certain folder where you want to download.

Just click save and choose a folder. If it doesn’t ask for the folder then it will be downloaded to the download folder.

Step 3: Open BlueStack.exe

When the download is over go to the download folder (Or you can get it at the right bottom of viewers, only for Google Chrome.) Then click on the .exe file and you’ll see a pop-up notification. Agree on the notification and the BlueStack Installation process will start.

BlueStacks 5 ExE
BlueStacks 5 ExE

Step 4: Installation

It’s time to install BlueStack. It may ask for the language and post-installation location. Select the folder and finally, you will see some terms & conditions. Click agree to their condition and click next, then install. When the Installation is over just click finish and run BlueStack.

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Bluestacks5 Install
Bluestacks5 Install

Step 5: Set up Google ID

Here after installing BlueStack, you have to add your Google account to get all the facilities. After that, you will enter the BlueStack.

Bluestacks gmail

Step 6: Install Mx Player

Now just go to the search console and search for “Mx player”. When the icon of Mx Player appears just click it and then install. When it is done, open the app.

MX Player
MX Player

MX Player Video Support Formats

Though several things will keep MX player much ahead of many other video players of both smartphones and PC. The ability to support almost all types of existing video formats is the most highlighted feature that makes this player a unique one. MX player supports Mkv, mp4, 3gp, amv, Blu-ray, and many other video formats.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mx Player

Advantage of MX Player for PC

• A Fast and complete video player.

• Let your steam videos directly from websites.

• Kid lock function.

• Most video format support.

• Simple and elegant design.


• Ads may be an issue to some people.

People Also Ask (FAQ)?

How to Use MX Player Without Android Emulator?

Answer: The rest process is pretty straightforward. After completing the downloading, go to the download file location and run the .exe file on your PC (unzip the file if it is in zip form). The installing procedure is more or less the same as other software installing processes. Select the installation directory and hit next to start the installation process. After completing the installation process click the MX player icon to run the application on your pc.

That’s it! Now select your favorite movies and enjoy them without any issue or play your important video file and zoom in for any inquiry.

Which Is the Best Media Player for PC?

Answer: If you are looking for the best one, then MX is undoubtedly one of the best ones. Some other top-quality players that you may consider are PLAYit and KM Player.

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First, let’s talk about MX, it is best in many ways. It has some very good features and it supports a vast number of video formats too. It also doesn’t hamper the quality of the video a bit while playing. Moreover, the kid lock mode is a useful feature if you have toddlers roaming around your PC.

PLAYit is also a good one with a bunch of attractive features. It remains smote even with a heavy video file. PLAYit is also very good at online video and audio playing. Moreover, it can convert videos into music with its built-in converter.

Another great player is the KM player. This is a PC-based video paying apps so you won’t feel much hesitation with it. Its decent look and most types of video support made it a good PC video player.

How can I download the MX player to my Laptop?

Answer: It’s very easy. Just downloaded BlueStack and set your Google ID on it. Search for the Mx player and install the app. Open it when it is done.

What’s better than Playit?

Answer:  Playit is one of the best video player app for Android and Windows. However, there are some competitive apps such as Mx Player, KM player, VLC player, etc.

Is MX Player free?

Answer:  Yes, fortunately, MX player is free but it contains ads that may bother you sometimes.

Is BlueStacks Emulator legal?

Answer:  No, BlueStack is completely free for Windows, macOS, and other devices. You just need to visit their website and download it.

Final Words

A good video player can upgrade the taste of any kind of video. MX player is exactly what it does. Now you can enjoy the same amusement on your PC by knowing how to download MX player for PC without bluestacks or any other emulators. Experience simple and hassle-free downloading and installation process and have limitless usage of MX player.

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