SuperVPN For PC – VPN Download Windows 10, 8, Vista and Mac

A major portion of computer and smartphone users uses VPN on their devices for various purposes. It is a great way to browse securely in public networks and bypass various regional-based restrictions while surfing the internet. With the right VPN, you will never have to worry while surfing the internet or using internet-based apps in a public network.

SuperVPN For PC is one of the most popular and user-friendly VPN software that is presently offering services for all the major smartphone operating systems. So, you can effortlessly secure-browse from all of your devices.

It is much useful for PCs since it has no risk of exposing personal data on public networks. But, there is no software for PC. However, you can use this app on your PC. In this article, I will discuss how to download SuperVPN for Windows and macOS.

What is the SuperVPN Free VPN client?

SuperVPN Free Vpn Client that gives a safer to browsing the web and avoids online spying and site filters. The service is entirely free but does collect details of which websites you visit while it’s enabled.

Features of SuperVPN For PC

These are some amusing and unique features that you are getting with SuperVPN.

• Best Security

SuperVPN gives you one of the best VPN security by masking and securing your data while surfing the internet.

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• Secure Service

The developers and owners of SuperVPN For PC are well-conscious about securing the personal data that you give while purchasing the premium service.

• Easy to Download, Install and Use

Downloading and installing is very straightforward for SuperVPN. Connecting and disconnecting with the VPN is really simple.

• Let You Use Apps That Aren’t Offered in Your Area

IT securely lets you use apps that are not enjoyable from your location.

• Secure Access in Region-Locked Websites

You can easily access regionally blocked websites with the privacy of a private network.

How to Download and Install SuperVPN For Windows?

Unfortunately, you won’t find any official software that is compatible with the windows system. However, you can use an emulator to get SuperVPN on your window. Here I am suggesting BlueStacks5 do downloads SuperVPN. Now, I will discuss the process of downloading SuperVPN using BlueStacks.

Step 1: First, you need to download the BlueStacks installer file. Go to BlueStacks’ official website Now click download and wait till it is complete.

If you are wondering how to download Bluestacks Click Here

Bluestacks Download Windows Mac
Bluestacks Download Windows Mac

Step 2: Once the download process is complete, you need to “Open” the installer file then Double click the “.exe file“.

Download Bluestacks
Download Bluestacks

Step 3: You will see that the installing option. then click the “Install” button. see the installing process takes some time.

Bluestacks Install Windows Mac
Bluestacks Install Windows Mac

Step 4: After Complete Installation you will get the home screen of the BlueStacks. then click the “Google Play Store“.

Bluestacks Home Playstore
Bluestacks Home Playstore

Step 5: After that, you need to log in to the Play Store with a valid “Email address” and “Password“. Enter > Agree > Accept, After log in to the Play Store, you get the home page of the Play Store. 

Bluestacks Playstore Email Signin
Bluestacks Playstore Email Sign in

Step 6: Now go to the search and search for “SuperVPN”. When the icon of Supervpn appears just click it and then “Install“. Just wait till the installation is complete. When it is done, open the app.

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Google Playstore Search Supervpn
Google Playstore Search Super VPN

Step 4: Your SuperVPN is ready. Now launch the app and select a Country. Click “Connect” and the VPN will start running.

Supervpn App Ready
Super VPN App Ready

How to Download and Install SuperVPN For Mac?

Here time to show you the way to install it on macOS.

Step 1: Download any Android Emulator

The first thing you need to do is to open the browser and download the Nox app player. To download it go to the official website of Nox App Player. Download the player for the mac version. Now install and set up the software.

Nox App Player Home Screen Playstore
Nox App Player Home Screen Playstore

Step 2: Now just go to the search console and search for “Super VPN”. Now click the SuperVPN icon. As soon as you click, you will reach the application display. Here click “install” and wait till it is done.

Playstore Install Supervpn
Playstore Install Super VPN

Step 4: Launch and Enjoy Super VPN

When SuperVPN is Installed, you will find it in “My app” or related in the sub-menu. Click the SuperVPN app and launch it. Set your country and connect.

Advantages of SuperVPN For PC

The most advantageous feature of SuperVPN is the unblock sites. Moreover, most VPNs require money but fortunately, this VPN is completely free. SuperVPN can keep your data safe by hiding your IP address and set it to another. They change it frequently to keep you safer and out of reach. Ultimately, without costing any dollar this is one of the best VPNs for everyone. However, get the advantages at a glance.

  • It is a free app.
  • Toms of Unblocked sites.
  • Get access to all the blocked sites.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t require your ID
  • Free trial available.
  • Secure your identity.

Disadvantages of SuperVPN For PC

Although it is a great app there are still some negativities. The free version of the app comes with ads. Besides, in some countries the app performance is low. Some people have complained that SuperVPN For PC slows down the overall speed of the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How much does SuperVPN cost?

Answer: There is a free version of this app. The premium version comes with different pricing plans.

1. PPTP Plan costs $8 per month

2. SSL Plan costs $10 per month

3. Deluxe SSL Plan costs $15 per month

4. BlackBerry Plan costs $20 per month

5. Torrent Plan costs $20 per month

6. Offshore Plan costs $30 per month

Is Super VPN dangerous?

Answer: Some providers claim that SuperVPN had critical vulnerabilities which is dangerous for the users.

Is SuperVPN Illegal?

Answer: No, SuperVPN is legal. But using the VPN once can go through many illegal activities. In that case, using this app is illegal.

Is SuperVPN a free app?

Answer: You can call it both free and paid. There is a free version of the app containing ads. There are also some paid versions available with more features.

Is Super VPN available on PC?

Answer: Currently, there is no  SuperVPN For PC, so you will need to use an Emulator to download the app on your PC. You can use Bluestacks to download and install SuperVPN For PC. Below are a few steps you can follow to download the VPN on your PC.


Unlike some ordinary VPN software, SuperVPN truly secures all your sensitives data and lets you access regional-blocked websites or use applications that are not made for your region. In this modern era, PC is a big target for hackers and it is much easier for them when you are in a public or unsecured network. I have already discussed how to get SuperVPN for laptops and PCs. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will be able to install it on your PC successfully.

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