Zoom App Download For PC – How to Install Windows and Mac

Trying to make a hassle-free virtual meeting? Many names will come to our mind. Skype Whatsapp messenger, Google Meet, and more. But some is something easy and exceptional is the Zoom application. Zoom application is highly used for video calling, taking love courses, joining classes, taking interviews, and other meetings. Fortunately, zoom has their official software for windows and Mac.

In this article, I will show you the proper way to download and install Zoom on your PC and laptop. So, keep reading.

Features of Zoom App For PC

Zoom application is developed including lots of features. Here I will briefly discuss the main features of Zoom.

• Zoom in Available in Every OS

Whether you have Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, or apple. You will get zoom for every operating system and it is the official software.

• Zoom is User-friendly

When most other apps are complex and require so much info Zoom is easy to use and comes with a very simple interface.

• Zoom Meeting is Beneficial

Zoom allows you to create a meeting with up to 49 members for 40 minutes. The paid software will allow you to create meetings for unlimited time.

• Low Cost

Zoom charges comparatively less data than other software in video and audio calling.

• Sharing Screen

Zoom also allows you to share your screen and ensure a better way of the present.

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How to Zoom App Download For Windows?

Downloading zoom is very easy on your windows. Here just follow the steps.

Step 1: Visit the Zoom Center

At first, go to the official website of zoom. ( https://zoom.us/download ) When you will be on the page you will see a download button (Zoom Client for Meetings). Click on the button.

Step 2: Give Permission and Save

Now you will get some notification and asked for permission. (Depends on your browser) Your browser may ask for the location where zoom software will be downloaded. If it is not displayed then it will automatically get downloaded to the download folder.

Step 3: Open to the Setup File

Zoom is now successfully downloaded on your Windows. Now it’s time to set up. First, go to the download folder (Or where you have downloaded Zoom). Click the .exe file and you will get some notifications. Allow all to open the software installation.

Step 4: Complete the installation

Now you will see some options. Fill them all and click next. At last, there will be a box – team and conditions. Click the box to ensure that you are aware of the application’s terms and conditions. Click Install and wait until it is done.

Step 5: Launch Zoom

Congratulations! Zoom is now on your Windows. Click the zoom icon and launch it. Register your account and then name and profile picture to enable your ID. If you already

How to Download Zoom for Mac?

Mac users can also get benefitted as Zoom has their office software for macOS. Here learn the way to download Zoom for Mac.

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Step 1: Go to the Website Zoom.us. of the room and zoom will detect the OS type.

Step 2: Here you will see the Download button for Linux, Windows, Mac, and others. Download zoom for mac.

Step 3: As soon as the download is done go to the setup file.

Step 4: Open the zoom software for Installation.

Step 5: Complete the installation process and agree to the term and conditions.

Step 6: Click the install button and wait till the installation is done.

Step 7: You have successfully Installed zoom on your macOS. Launch the app and set your id to use zoom.

How Can I join a Meeting using Zoom?

There are 2 possible ways to join a meeting using zoom. One using an invitation link and another using the meeting code. Here I will explain the way for both.

1. Invitation Link

When you have an invitation link it is easier to join a meeting.

1. First launch the app.

2. Now click the invitation link. (The link will be sent via another medium like email or messenger, or message)

3. Now you will see a pop-up message for permission for the audio and video action permission. Allow them and open your meeting.

2. Using a Meeting ID

Here you don’t need to log in to zoom but a bit complex to join.

1. First open the zoom software on your PC.

2. Now Click Join Meeting on the Sign-up page.

3. Now you will see a pop-up where they will require the ID. Write the meeting ID on the box and continue to the meeting. (Must allow the video and audio functions permission)

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The alternative of Zoom App For PC

There are lots of alternatives to the zoom app. Here I will show 2 applications.

Whatsapp: The last biggest update of WhatsApp has included the meeting option. Without it, you can chat call messages give status, and do other stuff using Whatsapp.

Skype: Skype is always a perfect app for creating meetings and interviews. It is good for sharing files and making video and audio calls. It also supports local number calls but here you need credits.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is zoom available on PC?

Yes, zoom is available for pc. It’s easy to download because Zoom has their official software and you will get it on their website.

Is Zoom free?

Yes, zoom is completely free. But there is also purchasing option. You can purchase for getting more features.

Can I join the zoom meeting without an account?

Yes, but you need to have the Zoom meeting ID. Using the meeting ID you can join the meeting.

How do I install the zoom App Download Windows 10?

I have already discussed a way to install zoom on Windows. Go to their site and download. Install, set your id and join the meeting.Another way is using the android emulator. Download BlueStacks or Nox app player. Then open it and install zoom.

Final Words

A zoom is an essential software and appropriate for all. As it is available for every device you don’t need to look for other apps for meeting. Just follow the step I have described. I hope you will easily download the app after reading this downloading process.

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